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Abong Nico

Speaker - Trainer - Consultant


Abong Nico is an entrepreneur and an International Business and Project Management consultant

  • Executive Director of Nordic-Africa Synergy, a network organisation that promotes enables and facilitates Nordic- Africa cooperation
  • Founder and CEO of StraTarget Consulting, Finland and Ruby Inno-Africa Ltd, South Africa International business and project management consulting
  • Public speaker and transformation trainer at Outstanding Path, a lifeskill, educational, career, business and project training/development initiative

He holds a Masters degree in  International Business Management and Post Graduate Diploma – International Project Management. He has an extensive experience working with large, medium and small companies and organisations in the Nordic Region and Africa.

“It is possible to make your dreams come true. The only secret is hard work. Remember, you alone have the power to create the life you desire or dream of. You do possess all the tools required to make it happen. Go for it and never give up.”

Dream It – Create It – Live It

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